Monday, September 15, 2008

Nim's Island - Featured Title

Nim's Island
by Wendy Orr - Meet Nim, a young adventurous girl who lives on a remote island with her scientist father, Jack. Nim's mother died when she was a young girl in a whaling accident, so when her father is off working Nim spends time with her friends: a sea lion, turtle, and marine iguana.

When her father goes off on a sciene expedition to study plankton, the sea lion Selkie takes care of Nim as a mother would. Nim is a modern day Robinson Crusoe with access to the internet and cell phones to keep in touch with her father as he sails off to begin his experiment. But when Nim doesn't hear from her father after three days, she becomes worried and contacts Alex Rusoe, a famous adventure writer.

This fanciful tale is full of adventure and courageous characters. The adventures that Nim goes on will have readers wishing they were the main character! This amazing book was also recently made into a video, which is now on DVD (and available at our library). Recommended for grades 3 and up.

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